What We DO?

Three dimensions of Cubik

Material Sourcing

With material prices soaring by more than double and delivery times often extending past 30 to 40 weeks, having a team with pre-existing relationships in manufacturing and logistics is more critical than ever. The Cubik team brings these necessary efficiencies to all the projects that embark upon regardless of the role(s) for which they are engaged. Though we can source just about any construction material or product, we focus on windows, window walls, curtain walls, light gauge steel, cement board, and other various cementitious products.


It is often said in the real estate industry that one makes their money on the acquisition. Though that is true it should also be said that one makes even more money when they develop the value after the acquisition. Cubik’s team has developed land, single-family homes, multi-family properties, commercial properties, adaptive reuse properties, and historic projects. Our primary focus is in the midwest, emphasizing secondary and tertiary markets. The costs are often lower, with the return on investment typically being much stronger than the primary markets.


Ideas and a great development plan are nothing without the ability to bring those ideas and plans to their fruition. Cubik’s construction team has built or rehabilitated millions of sqft from sunny beaches of California to grassy plains of Oklahoma, through the rolling hills of the midwest and all the way through to the warm waters of Miami. We have our own in-house project management group, which ensures that our initial modeling, development budgeting, estimating, construction budgets, and timelines are all structured and executed properly.